The New Polini E-Bike App

With the new Polini E-Bike App (available for iOS and Android) you can easily, intuitively and immediately manage all the qualities of the E-P3+ and E-P3+ MX motor, adapting all the settings to your needs.

The app allows you to view the entire e-bike display on your smartphone screen, offering a more practical and clearer view of all data.

The app allows you to quickly and directly manage the 3 standard maps (Touring, Dynamic and Race), lights, assistance levels and trip statistics, with the possibility to reset the “trip”.

With diagnostics control you can also keep an eye on the health of your engine, battery and the entire system.

You can also create 2 new custom mappings: “Custom 1” and “Custom 2”, acting on the 5 assistance levels and the as many engine torque “limits” provided.

The whole customization is made more convenient thanks to the possibility of changing the parameters directly by clicking on top of the graphs, moving the control points manually, or entering the precise parameters in the appropriate “assistance” and “limit” bars.

Also customizable is the motor cut-off time, that is, the rate at which the motor stops giving support once you stop pedaling: from 0% (immediate cut-off) to 100% (you can count on a slight boost provided by the motor for a short time).

Of course, once you have set your custom settings, just save the map (Sync button) to use it whenever you want.

The New Polini E-Bike App - app polini ebike 1275x850 1

Upgrading the firmware (an operation that can only be done by specialized Bikel or Polini personnel) also makes it possible to:

  • detect the rider’s thrust more accurately and adjust/improve engine response
  • manage power in situations of less grip, modifying and expanding the dynamics of the Dynamic and Race mappings (levels 3-5-4)
  • improve the “walk” function
  • make e-bikes for hire by default and lock on Turing map
  • improve battery management when at minimum levels
  • speed up the system’s power up