Bikel was born from the union between professionals in the electrical sector and professionals in the bicycle sector. Our history has solid foundations in these two sectors due to years of experience in the related fields. Our knowledge and experiences have finally met and united to give life to Bikel.

Design, Technique and Innovation are Bikel’s keywords. Not just a pedal assisted bicycle but a product that can stand out. From a strictly Italian production, Bikel is a combination of passion and competence. The search for the best components gives maximum reliability in every type of route without giving up the pleasure of driving, having unrivaled fun in the city and in nature.

Knowledge and guarantee of products, diagnostics, technical configuration, even customized, for each model of bicycle and user. A complete knowledge and management of all the software concerning the electrical components mounted on our bicycles ensure that the customer has a service that is always clear and fast, as well as personalized.